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City givers and world icons shortlisted for UK's 'philanthropy Oscars'

Mar 22nd 2017
Private banker Alexander Hoare nominated for City Philanthropy Beacon Award

Three inspirational city philanthropists are in the running for a top award as the shortlist was revealed today for the 2017 Beacon Awards – the UK’s philanthropy ‘Oscars’ - which also includes fashion icon Dame Vivienne Westwood, actor, model and entrepreneur Lily Cole and sporting stars Dame Kelly Holmes,  Amir Khan and the  Brownlee brothers.

London is known to be a global centre for finance but it is also becoming fast known as the global centre for philanthropy. A great deal is down to inspirational philanthropists like Michael Sherwood, Prem Goyal and Private banker Alexander Hoare, who have been shortlisted for the 2017 Beacon Award for City Philanthropy.

The Beacon Awards celebrate philanthropy and those that give their time, expertise and financial resources to benefit society. In an age of austerity, philanthropy is growing in importance  and the Beacon Awards aim to encourage new ways of funding to meet need and inspire others to give by sharing examples of exceptional philanthropy.

In other categories philanthropists from the worlds of fashion, sport, arts, finance and environmental campaigning have been nominated.

Iconic fashion designer and campaigner Dame Vivienne Westwood has been nominated for her work with Cool Earth, the charity working alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Dame Westwood has used her influence in the fashion world to engage others with Cool Earth’s cause through deliberate and well-structured campaigns. She has championed Cool Earth’s charitable work far beyond the catwalk.

Actor, model and entrepreneur Lily Cole has been nominated for advocating a culture of giving in which nothing is expected in return. She has founded a social enterprise, been an outspoken advocate for migrants in Europe and has championed the creation and use of ethical clothing and food.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis OBE has also been nominated for his generosity to charitable causes. He has given away over £17m of his own funds in the last five years and has helped countless numbers of people manage their own money wisely. As well as being a consumer champion he is fast becoming a philanthropy champion.

The City Philanthropy category is sponsored by the City of London Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust. This award celebrates the work of a philanthropist based in the City of London, Mayfair, or Canary Wharf, whose work will inspire the next generation of City philanthropists.

Table tennis may seem a somewhat unlikely avenue for philanthropy, but it is a personal passion for former Goldman Sachs co-chief executive officer of the firm’s European operation  Michael Sherwood. He has helped to fund the UK’s largest table tennis centre in Brent, north London, as a training ground for the next generation of UK champions and for use by local schools. He also co-founded Table Tennis for Kids, a charity aimed at keeping children off the streets and also raising the standard of the sport.

Philanthropy has always been part and parcel of the nearly 350 year old Hoare’s Bank family business. Alexander Hoare is an ardent philanthropist and social investor who has continued the tradition of Hoare’s philanthropy and is now innovating and creating new vehicles for philanthropy. Alexander is a keen advocate of microfinance and social investment, social enterprise and venture philanthropy.

Prem Goyal describes himself as a global citizen, entrepreneur and manager. Prem launched his own consulting firm, Global Market’s Consultants, in London in 2002, where he remains the CEO. GMC commits itself to promoting diversity and encouraging staff to give back to their communities. Prem has taken this further by committing £3million of his savings to promote diversity and employability among young people in the City. £1million was pledged in 2015 to promote diversity, equality and inclusivity at the top of the City of London.

Alison Gowman, chairman of the City of London Corporation’s City Bridge Trust committee, said: “The Beacon Awards are vital for recognising and celebrating the inspirational giving of many that often goes unnoticed. We need to highlight such generosity and showcase different ways of giving to inspire others to follow suit.

“The City is known as a global financial hub but the Beacon Awards highlight it as a philanthropic hotspot and it is important this work is recognised. Philanthropy - private wealth for public good - has never been more important than now.”

Gay Huey Evans, Chair of the Beacon Board, commented: “The Beacon Awards showcase giving by individuals whose philanthropy has achieved an impact. We hope that others will be inspired and encouraged to make their own contribution through the great stories of giving that emerge through the Beacon Awards.”

Fabian French, CEO of UK Community Foundations said "Whether it's lifting people out of poverty; encouraging disadvantaged people to get back into education; or building community relations, philanthropy can be incredibly powerful. Together, UK Community Foundations and Beacon are using the awards to influence and inspire the powerful philanthropists of the future."

The winners will be announced in May 2017. View the full list here: https://goo.gl/tGtfYp

The City of London Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust, provides grants totalling around £20 million per year towards charitable activity benefitting Greater London.  The Trust has awarded around 7,500 grants totalling over £360 million since it first began in 1995. It is London’s biggest independent grant giver tackling disadvantage across the capital.

In 2012 City Bridge Trust helped to establish City Philanthropy: A Wealth of Opportunity. City Philanthropy’s mission is to embed a culture of effective philanthropy in the City of London and Canary Wharf and to promote London as a global centre for effective philanthropy. City Philanthropy is a source of information, education and inspiration. Its website acts as a ‘giving hub’ for the City, providing news and resources.

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