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BeyondMe: The Generosity-Profit Logic

Jun 3rd 2015

BeyondMe, a giving network for young professionals, partnered with Dr. Angela Eikenberry, a Fulbright Scholar who has led research on giving groups in the U.S., to conduct its first survey on charitable giving among its members. This inaugural survey sought to examine the impact of BeyondMe on current and past members, addressing the following questions:

Has participation influenced members’ behaviour related to giving,volunteering and work engagement?

Has participation influenced members’ knowledge or beliefs about philanthropy, charities, and their work environment?

The results showed that participation in BeyondMe has positively influenced members' giving, volunteering and work engagements as well as positively influencing their knowledge about philanthropy and charities.

Key stats:

Among BeyondMe participants (one month or longer):

  • 84% said they have increased the amount they give each year due to BeyondMe
  • 73% said they have increased the amount they volunteer each year due to BeyondMe
  • 78% said they were engaged with their employers CSR initiatives
  • 66% said they developed professional or leadership skills due to BeyondMe
  • 73% said they developed or solidified a long-term commitment to giving or volunteering through BeyondMe

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