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Building the capacity for impact

Sep 24th 2014
Photo by Social Innovation Camp/ Creative Commons
Photo by Social Innovation Camp/ Creative Commons

Building the Capacity for Impact (pdf) is the latest report from Impetus-the Private Equity Foundation (Impetus-PEF), prepared for the UK national advisory board to the social impact investment taskforce and established under the UK's presidence of the G8.

The report focuses on the capacities needed by the social sector to deliver the aims of the social investment market, and in particular how to build organisations which produce meaningful social outcomes for large numbers of people - an area that it claims has been neglected.

The report:

  • considers the reasons for this neglect, and its longer-term implications.
  • concludes that the gap in funding and support for the development of "outcome-producing" capabilities is a threat to the development of an effective social investment market which uses finance to solve social problems.
  • makes recommendations designed to help build sector capacity, and align incentives, to produce social outcomes.

It bases its findings on:

  • wide consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  • internal and domestic examples of successful philanthropic capacity-building.
  • examples of organisations developing these capabilities to ensure they can successfully deliver on social investment deals.

To read a pdf of the report please click here.

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